Fully Programmable PLC
• 24 Wash Programs can be stored
• LCD Display showing complete messages (not just codes)
• Ability to continue program from paused state (useful when there is a power loss)
• Cycle time, wash temperature and water level are programmable
• Standard 5 soap connection upgrade-able to 12 soap connections
• Provision to fit external, automatic soap dispenser
• Auto chemical dosing via external dosing pumps is possible
Japanese Inverter Drive(standard on all machines)
• Washing and Extraction RPM’s are programmable
• Enables uniform acceleration of the motor. Prevents voltage fluctuation from affecting the motor.
• LCD display showing current drawn, frequency, output voltage etc
Heavy Duty Bearing Housing & Pulley
• European (Swedish) manufactured Bearings designed to operate at 1000+ RPM (higher G Force)
• High grade, close grain cast iron (GG25), balance and rugged bearing housing and pulley for longer life
• Specially designed IMPORTED LIP seal which provides a longer life than conventional oil seals
• All PALHAN washer extractors are free standing machine enabling high extraction speeds/G forces.
• Dual suspension technology – Spring suspension on top & shock absorber/spring suspension on
• Springs manufactured out of high yield strength spring steel alloy preventing any deformation
• Complete Chrome Piston Rod shock absorbers generate a longer life time